Annete Dawn

First Impressions

I’ve seen pictures of Anette in a few galleries around the web but I never knew she had an official site until I was assigned this review. I was pleased to discover it though, thanks mostly to the fact that Anette is a stone cold hottie with a body that most men dream about at night. She’s from Budapest, Hungary and has made quite a name for herself modeling for American adult sites. On the free tour you’ll find quite a few pictures of her hot body and by the time I was finished I was practically in a frenzy to get inside.

Hot Promises

Without question Anette is one of the web’s most beautiful blonde models. Her site tries to make that clear by offering you sample pictures from her most recent updates (they’re pretty small pictures) and a few notes from the model herself. You can also read a little blurb on her favorite things (Family Guy is her favorite TV show). If you hit the preview button you’ll find a half size image from one of the favorite updates; I found it to be stunning.


They keep the same design aesthetic in the member’s area and I love the use of pink; it makes Anette seem more feminine and cute, which is always a good thing. There’s a short note from Anette at the top of the site along with a profile that should provide you with a little bit of getting to know you information. Below that it’s the latest updates along with the dates on which they were added. Anette updates sporadically; sometimes she’ll add a new set twice in one week and sometimes it will take two weeks.

If you’re the kind of guy that likes to learn about your favorite models then you should read Anette’s biography. It’s technically an autobiography I guess, and it’s mostly personal information as opposed to the generally boring stuff about where she grew up, what her parents did, etc. She talks about her sex life and how it takes her a while to open up to a guy, etc. There’s also a page for her diary but at this point it’s empty (as of October 30, 2007). She promises to update it soon though, so keep your fingers crossed if you decide to sign up.

Anette is best known as a model in photo galleries so my first destination was her picture sets. I was a little disappointed to find only 30 galleries waiting for me, especially since her site was launched in January 2006. If she’s truly dedicated to running an official site she’ll need to update a little more often. Nonetheless there’s plenty of good stuff to be had. First there are a few galleries where Anette takes you inside her daily life. You can watch her eat dinner at a nice Italian restaurant (it was surprisingly interesting) or watch her have a smoke while hanging out in her apartment (fantastic for smoking fetishists).

The candid galleries were an unexpected surprise and they provide a nice break from the high quality modeling shots that she usually does. It’s nice to see that she’s not the inaccessible supermodel that you might peg her to be upon first sight. That’s not to say that she skimps on the centerfolds images though; there are plenty of those. Of the 30 galleries the majority feature her posing in sexy lingerie and slutty outfits, although she doesn’t keep anything on for long.

Anette is the classic centerfold with big tits and she follows the same concepts the genre has been practicing for years. She begins most of her galleries fully clothed and then slowly strips, revealing more of her body at each step. Eventually she ends up showing off her tits and pussy for the camera, both of which are beautiful. I like her tits most of all because while they appear to be fake they have just enough of a real look to be believably natural. Plus, there are no obvious scars when you check out the close up pictures.

Each gallery makes use of the standard thumbnailed setup and is exceptionally easy to browse. Sometimes the thumbs are too small to make out what’s going on in the image but that’s a minor problem at best. The larger problem I had is the images were just too big. They come in at 1280px and that’s bigger than my monitor can display at it’s current settings so I was doing quite a bit of scrolling. I understand some people like that so I’m not complaining about the size. I just wish they had though to offer two resolutions for each image. I’ve seen plenty of sites do it so I know it’s not a huge hassle.

When you’re all finished with the picture galleries you should turn your attention to the videos where you’ll find Anette doing all sorts of naughty things. She’s stunningly sexy when she starts shaking her hips for the camera and her performances are consistently good. My favorite video features Anette taking a shower. She soaps up her tits and then steps into the stream of water and lets it run down her body, taking the soap down the drain and leaving her tits shiny and sexy. If you ask me there’s nothing hotter than a shiny naked woman.

Each video has been made available in WMV or QuickTime format and you can download them in small clips or in a full length clip. Download speeds were annoyingly inconsistent but I was never cut off so I have no complaints. The videos look terrific and you can run them full screen if you’re willing to accept a minor amount of quality loss. There is no bonus content to speak of so you might run out of content quickly.

Croco’s Opinion

Anette Dawn is smoking hot and that alone makes it worth considering a membership to her site. The other reasons to consider are 30 hot picture galleries and 20 hot downloadable videos. There are a few candid image sets where you can see what Anette’s like when she goes to dinner or what her apartment is like, but otherwise it’s all hot modeling shoots. The only trouble is that 50 total content sets might not be enough for you. Also, Anette is not exactly timely about her updates so you won’t be swimming in new material. If you’re in love with the busty blonde jump into a membership right now, but if you can wait I’d give it another six months.


The site is skillfully designed and browsing is easy. The thumbnails in the picture galleries are a little small but it’s not a crippling issue.

Pricing Policy

Pay $24.95 per month recurring, $55.95 for 3 months recurring or $89.95 for 6 months non-recurring.

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